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About Future Focus

Future Focus is founded in 2022, with the goal to help businesses stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of innovation and technology.


The Future Focus mission is to assist companies in not only keeping up with the latest developments, but also in effectively implementing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.


This is done through advise and training on different topics. Starting with AI, but with the aim to grow into topics like Cyber Security, Automation, WEB3 and the Metaverse. 

Let us guide you and your business in achieving your full potential in the digital age!

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Future Focus has a partnership with TLM Academy and Creating Insights, which brings expert review and feedback, to ensure high quality and effective training modules.


How it started

My name is Wahbe Rezek and I founded Future Focus in 2022. I have coordinated several complex projects and programs in the areas of IT (including AI), Finance, and Regulations.


After 5+ years of working experience at the government and in the financial industry, it was time to start my entrepreneurial journey, on the topics I love the most: technology & innovation.


With Future Focus, I am aiming to help businesses achieve their innovation goals, as well as stay on top of the newest technologies.

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Company details





Future Focus Consultancy


Beukenplein 14-3

1091KG, Amsterdam

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